Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another day...another upgrade

Ah...the joys of running a commercial website.

If it's not one thing that needs to be done, it's another.

This time SitePal in my face. This application resides someplace out there in the 'cloud' and lets me deliver spoken word on select pages on our the FAQ for example.

It's no problem...took a while to create, but then...hey...I used to do this for a living, once upon a world away.

However, apps like SitePal, and others, like our shopping cart provider, Network Solutions, regularly update their software. This means inevitably, there is maintenance to be done. In this case refreshing each of the individual iterations of the applications. That's the FAQ, our contact page and the page where we have stuff that is about us and who we actually are.

No big deal really, just time consuming. And if the job ain't done, then in all likelihood the app will not run correctly.

Still.... half an hour well spent on a sunny Sunday in the hinterland of Auckland, with the birds, the trees and sunshine for company.

What more could a poor boy want?
Now...don't get me started on that...


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