Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Who (and where) the bluddy 'ell are you?

We regularly engage in customer discussions. And the ways you all spend your time with your nutshell is, quite honestly, just amazing. From the bush to the boardroom, and every possible, conceivable way between.

So much are we are intrigued by what you do, we thought a competition could be the order of the day...and we are working on inviting you to post us images of the way you use your nutshell in your every day world.

This after we've worked out how to best enable you to add your image, along with a brief description to share with us all. And how to score them all.

The Judges?
You..of course.

After all it's our competition.

The Prize?
Let's work on that.

Now that's a thought.

What do you reckon??

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