Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Greetings 2010 - Ho Ho Ho

Once again it is "that" time of the year - when the world (much of it) goes mad with buying fever, bonhomie and good will to all men. Christmas. The time of giving - and receiving.

Unfortunately, at Nutshell, it is also a time of extreme busy, as in the weeks before the blessed event people scramble to make sure that their gift arrives on time to be placed under the tree, or in the stocking pinned to the mantle piece (do people still have mantle pieces?).

Add to this profusion of confusion is that fact that Nutshell lives 'down under' in a place where Christmas falls in the middle of summertime, so that it coincides with our summer holiday season. This means that while those of you in the Northern hemisphere are shivering in the chill, sipping warm  mulled wines, ploughing down the piste and feasting on Christmas fare, down here in the Southern hemisphere we are sharing warmth, sunlight and sunburn with our friends and neighbors in Australia, South Africa and South America.

This time of summer fun means, however, that Nutshell goes into a manufacturing hiatus as people seek sun, surf, sun tans and relaxation.

As a result our operations go into slowdown for a couple of weeks. This year (2010) most folk will be breaking from their work on December 22 and rejoining the workforce two weeks later...after New Year.

Of course Nutshell will be maintaining a watching brief on orders and customer enquiries over this time, but if you are considering the use of a courier to speed your Nutshell to you - forget it. Along with the rest of New Zealand our couriers are also taking that well deserved summer break.

Merry Christmas to all and to everyone.
And may 2011 be better than 2010 and deliver you all that you wish for (in the nicest way possible.)

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