Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How Fragile is Our Interconnected World?

Just as we expect to throw a switch and have the lights come on, or turn a tap and draw a glass of clean and clear drinking water, we expect to pick up the phone and make a call, or open a browser and access the Internet.

In this age of the early 21st Century we expect that the infrastructures on which we depend and take for granted will always be there.

Imagine, if you can, what happens when even one falls over.

Ok, water and power are basics; floods, famines, earthquakes and the like can knock them out in short order, without warning. But telecommunications? That's a bag of a different color.

Today, down under in New Zealand we have a 'deregulated' telecoms environment, where multiple providers hire space on lines maintained any an independent company and tout their services as better, more, cheaper etc.

It's when the mustard hits the fan that counts. How long does it take for them to recover from a severe outage that suddenly, without warning, plunges their customers into the void of no dial tone.

Of course at Nutshell we believe you can take steps to keep your own devices in good health. But sometimes stuff happens beyond our control.

It's moments like those that you realize just how truly fragile the world in which we live really is.

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