Monday, April 22, 2013


This is a work in progress.

the nutshell possum pocketbook revealed...
With support from our possum initiative crowd funding efforts, we have now created the assets necessary (designed knives and built samples) to deliver a real-life example of our latest product. Kouros finished cowhide exterior covering will only get better with age. Using a high quality antistatic possum pelt lining and a twin shielded magnet construct....this product is the one on which we can all pin our hopes dreams and aspirations.

Carbon Fiber Sandwich

Twin Carbon Fiber panels sandwiching the smart phone device, which is securely held in place by a attached short Velcro panel .

The possum lining coddles the face of the phone, and separates the four card array of slots and pockets on the closing face.

"The case will provide more than adequate protection in the unlikely event of an accidental drop"


The magnetic closures are currently two separate items; because the central panel is not reinforced we may reconsider this layout during our testing phase.

Velcro attachment

As can be seen here, the  phone attaches securely to the case but can easily be removed for camera use or similar.

Antistatic face

The possum faced panel can be seen wiping the phone face and providing a layer of soft protection.

The base Velcro is reinforced with a firm layer of Carbon fibre.

Card Separation

The lining is perfect for covering the face of the phone; provides antistatic protection and enables us to incorporate four card slots .

The thickness of the pelt acts as a physical buffer to prevent any direct contact between the cards and the face of the phone.

Strong Bonded Finishes

The possum pelt is bonded to a layer of carbon fiber, which provides a shield when the case is closed.

Fold Under in Use

In use the protective front panel can be folded under the phone and is secured with the twin magnets to create a comfortable hand grip of the phone.

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