Tuesday, March 3, 2015

One for All?

And All for One??

 It has long been a major problem for many smartphone accessory manufacturers; Smartphone makers keep changing the sizes on their phones.

That makes it hard for folk like Nutshell to keep up; we have to continue to create new products to meet the latest sized smartphones.

However Samsung seems to be breaking that mold.

The giant of the the Android world has now announced the imminent release of its new Galaxy S6 and curved screen S6 Edge, and for once existing Nutshell Galaxy users should be able to simple swap out their smartphone for the latest model without having to replace their belt case.

Our #296 holster and #224 horizontal belt pouch will both accept the latest Samsung devices.

Nice to see at least one smartphone manufacturer recognizing that finally they have created a hand-held product with a form factor that simply works.

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