Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Making the Move

It has taken less than a month, but today Nutshell starts operations from its own little office.

For the past fourteen years Nutshell has been working from my kitchen table, literally.

We have had a manufacturing operation, where the work gets done, but for the main the admin of the website and the constant attention to the needs and ministrations of the Internet have been my responsibility. And this is honestly not the type of work that can be done from someplace else. has been my 'joy' to have my house cluttered with the stuff I need to do the job; the books, papers, ancillary bits and bobs that have made Nutshell the small but growing force it is today.
And now it has moved...

Not far, just from the house to a small office out the back.
Originally, post Christmas, I decided I wanted to get on with restoring my old car, and the best place to do that was in a shed constructed and attached to the back of my little old garage, a standalone one built God Knows When - probably about the time of the last ice age.

But circumstances change. My partner has informed one and all that the dreaded rot has set is and he is not for this world as long as we all would like, and I have realised that there is no way I can continue to do what I do on my

The shed has become the office
Lined, sealed and is now officially the office of Nutshell Corporation.
A small space on the edge of the wilderness.

From where I sit there are no houses, no signs of human habitat other than mine. Tall trees march majestically down the valley; pines, gums, tress that are dropping their leaves as autumn encroaches relentlessly upon us.

A peaceful space that will, I am sure, serve us very well until Nutshell properly 'gets its act together' to move to more palatial spaces....sometime in the future.

But for today. We are here.


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