Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Road rehabilitation

Honest. It's on a sign in Northland. Road rehab. Like something out of someplace else.
Surgical procedure for carriageways.
Or another sign of an overpaid and under stressed beuracracy
Maybe the contractors who wield power over the process consider themselves civil surgeons, and price their services accordingly.
As for the actual teams who perform this rehab process; maybe they too hold a status usually reserved for some other practitioner of another arcane artform, like...hiway men. Best known for their ability to ply their trade on the Kings hiway.
Which trade? You may well ask.
The one that extracts the most return for the least amount of effort. Extortion, I believe it's called.
Far be it for me to decry any mans attempts to earn an honest days wage. Or suggest any form of collusion twixt johnny and his master.
But read the budget lines and wonder at the costs.
Then ask youself where the money goes.
The answer may amaze you.


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