Tuesday, May 25, 2010

iPad case development - Take #2

It is not often that a designer gets to share the process of creation with others.

In our case (sic) we are working on creating the best pouch/case/containment for an iPad - or a netbook - in everyday use.

So far we have proven that we can line our case with possum pelt, without compromising the external look too much. The pelt shown here is a long haired version, which takes up any 'slack' inside the case really nicely, but is difficult to get to not 'explode' out of the case!

We have now added a top flap - to close the case and hold the contents secure.

As shown here we initially used Velcro, but despite the fact that new versions of the material prevent 'pilling' on clothes (that's where your sweater or expensive silk shirt starts to fray, and you can't work out why), it just doesn't cut the mustard. Too much like 'yesterday'.

  • We are now looking to add a couple of small shielded magnets - one at either end of the flap. This to prevent the current top from developing dog-ears and looking decidedly manky within three months.
  • We may change the shape of the top.
  • We shall also look to replace the long-haired possum with a short-shorn and dyed version.

We want this to work!
And it will.
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