Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sneak Peek: Development of an iPad case

Working gradually and persistently toward the creation of a leather slipcase that will hold an iPad, with or without a 'skin', plus any of the small form-factor netbooks currently on the market. The point of the exercise is to create a single product that will hold most all of the small portable handheld notebook and tablets, including, say, a Kindle eBook Reader, instead of multiple products that are made specifically for each form factor. The possum lining looks extremely promising.

The idea, so far, is a lining of soft, anti-scratch and anti-static New Zealand possum, wrapped inside an outer of genuine leather. So far we have created several development samples and tested them for size; next we have to decide on a method of cleaning up the edges...and closing the case securely.

Still pondering the effectiveness of offering an removable, and adjustable, shoulder strap.

And...most importantly, how to provide that extra layer of tuff-as-nuts protection that our customers have, naturally, come to expect from Nutshell. I have a few ideas on that. Suffice to say, the task poses problems, but I truly do not believe they are insurmountable.

Here's a link to the finished product:

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Chris said...

I love it!!!! I'll buy one for my new ipad!!!

Chris said...

I love it!!!!! I'll buy one for my new ipad!!!!!

Jerry said...

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