Friday, June 25, 2010

New iPhone 4G case now shipping

Our customers are the best!

And definitely very proactive.

Even before the new iPhone 4G hit the streets we were getting orders for a case to protect it. Obviously this is proof positive folk want to be able to protect their devices from day one.

At Nutshell we have gotten pretty good at 'guesstimating' sizes based on the manufacturer's published dimensions.

As these images show, we have once again 'guesstimated' correctly.

The new iPhone 4G fits into the new case - like a glove.

Why did we have to create a new case, I hear you ask?

Simply because iPhone has again set a new benchmark; this time for thin-ness. Unlike all other models on the market the new phone is less than ten millimeters thick, which means our existing cases were just too 'fat' to correctly accommodate this new device.

Obviously new battery technologies and new ways of shrinking components mean that, without a doubt, we are going to be seeing many more thin phones (under ten millimeters) in the marketplace.

So Nutshell has to (once again) lead the way in developing protection that fits and our earlier cases, which are now too 'fat', will find a use as cases to accommodate the array of new protective covers that you just know are on their way.

The iPhone 4G is just one new phone that has caused us to redesign; the new HTC Evo 4G also has its own unique form factor. While it is as wide as an iPhone it is taller than the iPhone...resulting in our sale of a couple of cases that were too 'sloppy' to fit properly. Once again, back to the drawing board.

Both cases are now in production and we feel our response has been as positive and proactive as we can be to meet the challenges thrown up in an industry that keeps on changing sizes every time they bring out a new phone.

That's progress, and over the years we have learnt to live with it.

But while we may make nasty noises about the changing times we live in, we offer sincere thanks to our customers, who put up with our failings and know that, eventually, we always get it right.

Here's to you guys. You are the BEST!

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