Thursday, July 1, 2010

There is Always a Better Way

There is always a better way of doing things.
As this video attempts to show.

That is an almost immutable law of the univerese - no matter what you do, you can always do it better. And resting on your laurels and saying "that is good enough" is not the right response.

Historically we have been building nutshell cases with a large slab of industrial velcro holding fast the tab or the full flap.

But 'industrial' Velcro has always had its share of detractors; it is loud and not very subtle. That's been a major flaw. And over time it can adversely affect clothing; 'industrial' Velcro grabs little bits and pieces and 'worries' them incessantly. It is why we developed our shielded magnetic clasp. 

However, at long last there is a solution; Velcro has developed an 'almost' silent hook'n'loop that significantly lessens the sound, and does not pull at clothing. At all.

This little video was shot using a handheld camera...and briefly shows you what we are working with.

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