Friday, July 30, 2010

Making a real difference

Every  now and then we get messages back from our customers that really make us feel it is all worthwhile.

In these times of global meltdown (even if you do not believe the pundits) it is really reassuring to know that the work we do, and the products we provide, make a real difference to the people who put their faith in Nutshell.

For example, check out this blog from a recent customer who ordered a nutshell.

As a person who has been forced through circumstance to regularly inject himself with insulin to combat diabetes, Chris was a long time Nutshell customer who found that among the product we offer are several tailored to accommodate a variety of insulin pumps.

The testimonial he has provided is unsolicited...and we are very happy to know that for him, at least, our products really have made a difference.

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