Monday, July 26, 2010

Nutshell Retail Preparations

These are a couple of images of the method we propose shipping our belt case products out for resale, either through distribution or direct to retail.

It is proposed that we use a strong formed cardboard box that will have an affixed printed label displaying product data; barcodes, series information, product matches and configuration.

The box is large enough to contain the most popular belt case sizes.

Additionally, we believe the most appropriate way of displaying our product to prospective retail customers is to have a couple of cases attached to plastic display stands.

This is achieved by using a shaped plastic form to which product can be attached by sliding either their belt clip or belt loop onto a 'horn' that will allow the product to 'float' above the display shelf.

These images also show the proposed Nutshell label that will be attached to the display and may become printed on the retail product box.

Obviously this method may not be practical for the Nutshell Pouch.
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