Sunday, July 18, 2010

Introducing the Nutshell iPad Pouch

In this video I have attempted to give a 'first look' at the latest product from the Nutshell design team.

Those who have been following along will know that, for the past couple of months, we have been laboring to design and create a pouch for the iPad which is not just another "me too" product, and we believe we have succeeded.

This is a beautiful product. The outer leather is high quality as used in the manufacture of women's boots and the interior is a lining of plush anti-static possum hide.

The possum is a pest in New Zealand. Introduced late in the 19th Century from Australia by well meaning folk who thought it would make for a great fur trade, unfortunately their plans got a little bit out of hand. Unlike its natural environment, where over millenia plants have adapted to protect themselves from the ravages of this creature, New Zealand was pure unadulterated, virgin territory. In this country, which had known no more than the birds (there were no mammals here until man arrived), there were no natural enemies, or anything, to slow down what swiftly became a population explosion.

Today there are an estimated 70 million possum living in the New Zealand bush, and every night they consume an estimated Container ship load of vegetation, that's more than two thousand tonnes of young tips and leaves of some of the rarest tress on this planet. Every single night!

And despite the best of intentions and efforts by New Zealand's environmentalists, the numbers of possum keep on growing.

But what is unique about this creature is not only its voracious appetite. Because the possum's fur is actually a hollow fiber it has a unique anti-static, anti-magnetic property, which makes it supremely well suited to protect high end electronic devices - like the iPad and the Kindle.

Possum hide is very thin, but it also one of the strongest hides available, due to the fact that each of these hollow stem follicles grows very, very close to its neighbor.  You can maybe count the hairs on your head, but there is just no way you could count the number of follicles in even a small square of possum hide.

Suffice to say that we believe that, in this product we have created a case that looks great. It will keep your iPad safe and secure for many, many years. But almost as importantly, each product sold will go a small way toward saving New Zealand's unique natural environment from ultimate destruction.

You will soon be able to pre-order a Nutshell iPad pouch here.

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