Monday, September 13, 2010

Unique leather Kindle & NOOK eReaders Sleeve

We believe in being proactive; creating products that you possibly don't even know you need - until you wish you had one.

Such is the case with this offering; a high quality leather sleeve sized to accept a Kindle or Nook eReader that we have lined with New Zealand's own unique natural anti-static fiber, from the hide of arguably our most noxious pest; the Australian brush-tailed possum.

This nasty wee beastie has no natural enemies (apart from man) and today runs rampant throughout New Zealand's unique flora - the bush. Arriving on these shores late in the 19th Century, it has been estimated that today there are more than 60 million possum living here and every night they munch their way through two container-ship-loads of foliage - that is thousands of tonnes of living forest destroyed - every single night.

On the plus side of the ledger, this particular breed (there are lots of different breeds of  possum around the world) grows a very dense pelt that is made up of millions of hollow stemmed hairs that actively (in some mysterious manner) protect sensitive electronics from damage in areas where static electricity can potentially build-up, such as public transportation.

This unique lining provides a safe and snug, plush interior to coddle and cuddle your eReader, keeping it very, very safe and secure.

This case is closed with our own single magnet clasp - one magnet captured between two pieces of steel. This method diminishes the effects of the magnet to further protect your eReader.

Get your own sleeve  for KINDLE  or NOOK

Click on the image below to visit our Picasa and get a closer look at this sleeve

A  genuine  leather sleeve with natural anti-static fiber lining; created to safely contain the latest Amazon Kindle 3G+WiFi and the NOOK

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