Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's a hard life - if you weaken

Nutshell has long been supplying product to customers all over the planet, and while we usually get it right, occasionally we screw up. It's only natural, when you consider that we now support over 700 phones and their accessory covers, that sometimes we mistakenly/erroneously specify the wrong case for a product.

Usually the first thing we know is that we get an email from the customer.

Our immediate solution is to revisit the product, look at the dimensions we are able to locate on the web, (or from the customer) check it out against our own product lists, and if necessary respec the product. And we always offer an immediate replacement.

But those replacements that can sometimes leave us well out of pocket.

As a small company we are like most other folk out there, struggling to make ends meet. And when a customer gets a bee in their bonnet about our products, they can be a bit like a nagging cold; very hard to shake off.

Obviously we do understand that when someone buys a Nutshell they do so in good faith. And that consequenrtly it is our job to make matters right. After all, we have to deliver the goods.

But honestly. Some people want more than just a pound of flesh; they seem to want to see us bleed on the floor, writhing in agony and screaming as they peel away the layers.

Ok, maybe that's a bit harsh. But please, should you have a problem with your Nutshell, understand that we too are human. We laugh and we cry. Just like you. And just like you we too are trying to do our best as we make our way through this world.

So. Patience please.
Don't hassle us too hard.
And understand that we honestly do try our hardest to make sure that our customers always come first.

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