Saturday, May 7, 2011

Social Media - Getting the Message Out

In the 13 years we have been actively designing, promoting and selling Nutshell products, word of mouth has always been our strongest means of getting the message out.

We do not believe in constantly barraging our customers with email exhortations to "tell your friends". Rather we have depended on the fact that we make such great products that folk naturally want to share their good fortune in finding and purchasing our products with their friends...that it has been unnecessary.

And as we all know, in recent years the growth of 'social media' means it is now easier than ever for our customers (for that read friends) to tell their friends about Nutshell and our range of matches for our belt cases and the ever growing mobile phone marketplace.

Recently our hosting service, Network Solutions, added social media functionality to our catalog.  That's the set of buttons you can now find at the top of the left hand column on every page. Clicking those makes it even easier for you to share your love of Nutshell with others.

For that - we sincerely thank you.
Thank you.

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