Friday, May 20, 2011

Social Media - what does it really mean?

Nutshell is all about selling little leather holsters made from natural leather. In a word; professionalism is what drives us everyday.

We work long hours to make sure (as much as possible) everything is correct and right on our website. That the links work. That the product matches are correct so that you will get the right product to best protect the device that you own.

It is not that easy a task, but it is one we have been doing now for over ten years. So I guess you could say that after all this time we must be getting good at it. Right?

Well, you would think so. And we would like you to think so.

But often it is not easy. Often armed with only the information available publicly on the inter-web we make judgement calls about product and the devices we just "know" they will fit. Or so we fervently hope.

It is not always the case...that the case we make will be the right case for you. If you get my drift. But we seem to score more often than not.

Occasionally we get great comments from our users. These we grab with both hands...look lovingly upon and copy into our website testimonials (we are sure you have seen them. Haven't you?) In case you haven't taken the time to look, have a read. They are all genuine. We promise.

But your comments are important to us; in fact we could say that they are our lifeblood / reason for being. Without you why the heck would we continue to do this; day after day; month after month; year after year.

Sometimes we all need a hand. You get one from us when you buy a Nutshell that provides the sort of protection other manufacturers dream about. We get ours when you tell us it worked.


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