Thursday, August 30, 2012

There's a cost to everything

A wise man once said "it's a fool who doesn't know his limits. Either that, or he's a wise man." Actually I made that up.

But in the Mobile world, poised as it is on the brink of exploding into the next generation of computing, there's a very real possibility of self implosion; that the kitchen sink really may be included; that the baby will get thrown out with the bath-water.

I mean..let me see; Apple and the Google Empire at at each other's throats...well Samsung et all actually. Microsoft has nailed Motorola in Germany...and won  a battle to get Moto phones off the German retail scene...can this be true?

Meanwhile...newer faster processors, larger screens and more memory abounds...although battery life is still abysmal when you start to kick the bejaysus out of the processing for intense tasks like video, audio or image processing.

And why can't I automatically log a call made on my phone into my calendar? What is that all about? Or even capture the audio in the call for storage and later retrieval. I can with Skype (but only on my workstation)! I still can't on a cellphone - no matter how smart it may claim to be.

Of course...what I really hope is someone will read this and tell me I can ....dare ya!

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