Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New cases for new phones

It is a never ending box of birds around here sometimes.

We have settled on an existing case to Holster the latest iPhone. Known colloquially as the i5 it is about 10 mm longer than previous models. This undoubtedly delivers a better keyboard for tasks like writing blogs like this; although the screen will be longer I am unsure about how much more sideways real estate will be revealed.

In an deliberate move the i5 has a changed connector as well as a new location for the headphone jack - at the bottom of the device. Why there? Quite likely an logical answer will be forthcoming in the fullness of time.

Meanwhile we have been besieged by prospective customers wanting to find if we will be "putting a hole in the vase of the holster to accept the jack plug?"

Long answer short: NO!

Rationale being that if we did that we would have folk discovering that the headphones plugged on the phone through a hole in the case is nothing short of an invitation to chaos.

Imagine comfortably listening to your phone when it rings. You reach to extract it from your Nutshell, only to discover it is tethered by a cord plugged into the bottom of the phone through a hole in the case base. Ouch! One stuffed cord later and you discover it works just as well if you plug the cord into the i5 then turn the phone down-side up and insert it head first into your Nutshell.

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