Sunday, June 29, 2014

Amazon Ahoy!

We've been an authorised vendor to Amazon for some time now, but until recently we were pretty much 'inactive' for a number of reasons. Basically it all had to do with margins. Let's leave it at that.

Recently Amazon has dramatically increased the visibility of its Amazon Marketing Services, and launched a Vendor Page service, which lets vendors (like us) promote their company, products and services throughout Amazon's massive customer base.

In addition AMS now enables us to create Cost per Click - CPC - adverts for the aforementioned page and for products that we have shipped into the Amazon distribution channel - all in the name of driving sales, improving our visibility and increasing turnover. During the creation process we can define our target audience - those who will see the adverts - based on their known interests and even their professions.

 Nutshell Galaxy 4 Holster on Amazon

Of course, with Amazon there is no such thing as a free lunch. It is very much suck-it-and-see right now, but this combination of the AMS Vendor Page and CPC should really make to make a difference to our bottom line. That's the plan.

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