Friday, June 27, 2014

Space Age Liners Shave Weight

Nutshell is moving toward incorporating hi-tech carbon fiber in its belt holsters and cases. This extremely light weight fabric can shave up to one ounce (28 grams) from the total weight of a product.

The woven carbon spectra cloth has been under trial for some time and is gradually being rolled out in three of the most popular holster sizes; the 268, the 296 and the 290.

The material, which was originally designed to power New Zealand's Americas Cup yachts, encapsulates strands of high tech carbon fiber and is very strong and light weight.

Unlike regular cloth, which can be cut with a knife, this material requires specialist high pressure water jet technology to create the lightweight panels used as a midlayer between the outside leather and the internal ultrasuede lining.

"Sometimes the best advances are not always visible," says Nutshell MD Ian Miller. "We believe our customers deserve the best protection for their Smartphones, and the use of carbon fiber goes a long way to creating a product that truly is head and shoulders above anything offered by any other ."

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