Monday, September 1, 2014

Pre Purchase your Holster for the Apple iPhone 6

Click Below for:

20% discount on the pre-purchase of our holster for the iPhone 6

Nutshell holster for Apple iPhone 6

But wait! That's right. The iPhone 6 has not yet been released.
That means we do not know its final size?

But it also means that when the product is available we shall know the answers. is it one product or is it two? What are its 'standard' dimensions? Once we know these facts, and more, we shall be able to either match it with an existing Nutshell (or two) - or create totally new product to accept the phone.

Either way, in the time it takes Apple between releasing the new phone and making it available we should be able to make and ship a perfectly fitting holster - so that our customers who elect to update their comms can do so - and have it protected in a Nutshell from the get-go.

Clever? Not really. We offered the same deal for the iPhone 5 to great success.

PS; This offer only applies to the belt case for the Apple iPhone 6 and will not last beyond the end of September

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