Monday, November 3, 2014

Working from the Outside In

First it was Samsung with their oversized NOTE, then it was Apple with the larger than usual iPhone 6 Plus and now it seems every Smartphone vendor is lurching rapidly toward the  Phablet - those larger than large Smartphones that are neither a tablet, nor a phone - but instead a mixture of both.

Doubtless these devices fill a growing need in a market that is hungry for continual change - but sometimes one just has to wonder if, and where, the sizes will stop expanding upward and outward, while at the same time becoming increasingly thinner and thinner.

In my book the answer will be - soon. Or just as soon as the super-thin, super-tough and super-flexible OLED folding screens we have long been promised become reality. Then and only then will the relentless push toward bigger means better be tempered with a healthy dose of physical reality.

In the meantime our reality is that the cases we have long manufactured to contain the Smartphones of yesteryear and their accessory covers are no longer deep enough, or long enough to provide sufficient protection for today's latest crop of super-thin, super-sized Phablets.

Ah well - back to the drawing board. Our customers await.

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