Friday, January 30, 2015

New Amazon Affiliate Site Offers Wireless Charging Products - and MORE

A phone call from an insistent Albuquerque based American sales person has resulted in our trialling an Amazon Affiliate website portal....which offers us a unique opportunity.

For those who follow Nutshell, you know we believe in the continual development of the mobile movement, including the constant release of new and interesting products geared to make it easier to be mobile - without the attendant wires and cables necessary to recharge your power-hungry devices.

Smart Wireless Accessories  is the site and, although it seems like it may become a continual work in progress, it does promise to offer us the ability to showcase leading-edge products for the savvy mobile user we believe will appeal to Nutshell customers worldwide.

In addition, it will generate us an alternate source of revenue. This is not bad, especially when you consider that we have loaded a selection of the Nutshell products currently on offer from Amazon, at prices that will astound you!

Please take a look.

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