Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The million $$ challenge intro

This is interesting.

Stumbled on a site a couple of weeks ago that purports to be filled with talented experts on almost every subject to do with marketing in the 21st Century.

Using cleverly produced video, talking heads and blue screen to deliver 'compelling' content, the site looks like it is UK based to the casual eye. In reality it is owned by a conglomerate of southern men, from the depths of Otago, in New Zealand's south island, masquerading as Poms in disguise.

Registered in Dunedin, yourBusinessChannel Ltd has attracted a group of professionals, each an expert in a particular field of marketing, production, hr and similar. They have created a series of short video vignettes that address specific business issues and, for the common herd, make these available through their website channels.

Once convinced there is value by association the group then offers membership, at USD $750 a month, to its SNAP club. This club promises to address specific issues and suggest solutions, plus mentoring and associated services.

However it was the Million Dollar Challenge I found attractive. The promise of selection into a select group of 25 hand chosen businesses that would receive personalized mentoring at vastly reduced rates in return for exposure as a 'test case' was certainly alluring, to say the least.
So I applied three weeks ago. Follow up included two comms interviews; first with one NZer based in the UK and then a second phone call with the organizations 'content editor', another NZer also UK based.

I have now been advised that nutshell has been chosen as a participant, with strings attached.
It would seem that the promises as outlined on the website may not be quite what they seem.
The $750 monthly fee for membership to SNAP has escalated to $2000 USD a month. And it seems that lists of promises, including a 45 day money back warranty, do not apply.

Slightly strange, to say nothing of potentially misleading.

We shall see. I am about to enter the 'negotiation' phase, where we shall attempt to find out exactly what the story is.
Stay tuned.


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