Saturday, February 28, 2009

Slightly Imperfect - My 1935 DX Vauxhall

The image I use here is a morphed representation of an old vehicle I own - a 1935 Vauxhall DX.

It is a great old car, basically one of the last true Vauxhalls ever made by the craftsmen at Luton, the original home of the marque.

With a 4 speed gearbox, an inline 1800 cc 6 cylinder inline engine, enough leather for a herd of dairy cows. or Sacred if you prefer, cable brakes, knee action independent front suspension, suicide rear doors and a pair of Lucas Prince of Darkness headlights, Slightly Imperfect has been patiently waiting for almost 20 years to get back out and terrorise motorists once again.

And she shall.


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