Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Terror of Accounts

For most people balancing a check book is likely the closest they ever come to knowing the true state of their finances. Fair enough too.

But for business owners the state of the books is critical. Without detailed knowledge of the state of financials it becomes impossible to plan ahead with a degree of certainty.

Those fortunate enough to have employees would usually leave the data entry to others, watching from on high through rose colored reports and well executed spreadsheets to update themselves on the lay of their particular landscape.

But, if like me you are virtually a sole trader, on your own and almost all alone in the jingle jangle jungle of the penny-wise, then it falls upon yours truly and his ilk to get the job done as best we may. Tiresome data entry was certainly not what we signed on for when we embarked on our single handed entrprenieurial careers, but that's what we got!

Endless hours of tedious boredom punctuated by sharp stabs of blinding terror as we face the unpalatable, having input countless invoices and balanced multiple books with the aid of a myriad of different yet similar accounting applications.

Sheesh. Sometimes you have to wonder if, at the end of the day, it will al be worthwhile.

We live in hope.

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