Monday, March 9, 2009

Looking for ?? in all the Wrong Places?

Cautiously working my way through a plethora of websites that aim to improve our 'marketing visibility using social networking.

What a list there is, and I guess I am only scratching the surface.

It's all about interlinking, or so it seems; the perfect (for now) application of global networking.

Of course, some may say that it is a passing fad. But hey, a passing fad with a couple of hundred million people can't be all that bad. Especially if you have something that you really want to share. Otherwise, why would you bother?

I mean, what is this? A cyber page in cyberspace... written by me, and probably for mine eyes alone.

Still, an interesting space in which to maintain a journal of sorts. Thoughts, ideas and observations; without being too overtyly marketing oriented.

On that note.
What next?
Ah well.
Onward and upward.


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