Thursday, March 19, 2009

Smoke and Mirrrors - Awarding Vaporware

Someone famous once said: "build it and they will come". Well, exactly what he was commenting on is now likely lost in the annals of time, but his philosophy seems to be alive and well today.

From property developers to the denizens of the online world, build it and they will come seems to be very much alive and well, despite the credit crunch and the squeeze everyone talks about.

We will not dwell on the denizens of the property market, but certainly those who occupy space in the online world, and the wireless world specifically, need to be held to some sort of accountability.

Maybe I have the entirely wrong end of the stick, but awards for vaporware, or plain old smoke'n'mirrors, is something I just do not understand.

For years the wireless industry has been aware that developments in geo-location and tracking have been just a short space of time away from becoming a reality. And yet, when it arrives, they are suddenly falling over themselves with enthusiasm to grab the opportunities to develop applications with both though it were something new, innovative and out of the box.

That is not to say it is not laudable, but hey, when did you ever get an award for a 'good idea', let alone being acknowledged for creating something tangible and of value to others? Not often...if ever, I bet.

Without a doubt there are fast growing opportunities to use the mobile technologies that are spawning as we speak for both fun and profit...and dreamers, schemers and visionaries are to be applauded, no matter where they come from. But really, an award for something that is no more than a good idea. Surely that is scraping the bottom of the barrel!


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