Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The opener

The first!
Well..actually the second post here.

Slowly getting used to putting down my thoughts in this format...guess it beats writing them on scraps of paper that promptly get lost.

Not exactly sure how I will be using this space?

Words of wisdom - if I have any, I guess. A good place to leave those "footprints in the sand" Why not? I cannot see home cookery recipes...or how to fix your car articles featuring high on my list of things to enter here. Nor can I see personal things - like love's labours lost and stuff in my life that cause me pain to discuss appearing there - some things are best kept private.

So maybe I will just stick to the things I know...web marketing, trends in Internet trading, web hosting issues, developments in the One World Finance sector, development of the nutshell, SWAT stuff relating to the biz, commenting on issues that effect me and mine...and maybe a tad of tongue in cheek scuttlebutt rumour mongering. Now that sounds like fun!

Whatever, I guess this page will develop with continued input, and eventually take up its own shape and form.

So...on with the show...

Oh....and if you are reading this...WELCOME!


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